A woman in discussion with her counsellor.

At some point in many people’s lives they may find that coping with life’s challenges becomes overwhelming, leading to unhappiness, stress and/or anxiety.  It is normal to feel the need for support and help at these times.  Professional counselling  can provide that support.

“The sessions I spent with Melinda helped me address things that I had never dared to admit to myself. She gave me the tools to be able to look inside myself and be ok with what’s there, and trust others can see it too”.

How counselling works

Counselling helps you understand yourself better and identify what is important to you, your strengths and what you want for your life. The process of counselling explores the way your early experiences and beliefs lead to the development of unhelpful views, patterns and behaviour in your life that may cause you pain. With the right support, you are capable of making real changes in your life – building stronger relationships, and creating more balanced and enriched life.

“Melinda was great to me. I couldn’t imagine a better person for dealing with the problems I was going through. The situation isn’t over but she has made me feel confident about facing my problems in the future.”

Who can benefit from counselling?

I provide support for a range of adult mental health issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, loss and self-esteem issues. I am passionate about helping you address issues related to self-identity and navigate significant life transitions. For example, counselling can support people at key life stages facing:

  • fertility decisions
  • infertility
  • LGBTIQ coming out
  • job loss
  • midlife stresses
  • retirement

Medicare rebates may be available to individuals referred by a GP under a Mental Health Care Plan.